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Act Friendly

The Project ' ACT FRIENDLY' in short is a Project whose main goal is to create awareness among the society, the parents and the schools with the aim of abolishing all kinds of bullying with the cooperation of students themselves, parents, psychological counsellors and teachers. To do this, we are trying a different strategy; in this Project we use ACTIONS as a tool, not as an aim to reach the results of our Project and above all, we apply Proactive Guidance to our students. These ACTivity types have different uses and benefits for the students in our schools as physically, verbally, behaviorally and psychologically. As you can guess, these titles also belong to types of Bullying. But our students will take these benefits without noticing the aim directly. They will play sports games, sing songs, write their own poetry & plays, ACT in drama plays, watch films and become coaches to their peers. Because let alone bullying or being bullied, only witnessing these situations may cause long term negative effects . So, while we are doing Proactive Studies to prevent them, we designed this Project like a game and chain of Activities to build and strengthen their FRIENDSHIPS to give up behaving improperly and badly to their peers. These issues will be handled at the meetings done in each country with the attendance of school counselling service, students, psychological counsellors and teachers. These meetings will be about enhancing self-control, anger management, developing social skills, improving empathizing, suitable problem solving skills and above all; peer-coaching & proactive guiding which are the most effective ways.

At the first meetings of each year, the coaching and didactic studies are seen suitable for all the countries, so that there will be only 2 students and 2 teachers for coaching each other about the Project activities and talking about the shared work throughout the Project. But in rest of all the activities, there will be 4 students from each country and 2 teachers assisting them. So, lots of students will make use of the process of the Project and the Project will be disseminated throughout the schools. The students in our target group are between 11-15 years old. These participants for the mobilities will be determined using specific criteria in an objective way. The participant students will be chosen by an objective commission and they 'll select the students in the view of the fact that they are volunteers, easy to adapt group-work, economically disadvantaged and have enough English efficiency. These participant students & teachers are expected to work actively in the Project, attend the sharing meetings of educational strategies and policies about how to prevent bullying and be eager to improve oneself. All the staff at schools, all the parents and students will be given consciousness raising educations about bullying and an effective prevention program about this will be developed and implemented. This prevention program will be conducted in a different, more ACTive , enjoyable and FRIENDLY way; as they are young students. The bullyboys' negative behaviors will be turned into positive behaviors by using different methodologies.

They will be like:

*Peer-coaching among the other students; in other words, these students will be the 'matchmakers' in a way. So, it'll be easier to correct themselves by being coached. Peer Coaching will also be used among the teachers of the participating schools to be a good example for students.

*Fair-play matters while doing sports; they will learn how to obey group rules and to respect other people so that he'll be RESPECTed.

*Dramas & Films will also be effective on all the students at schools. They will learn how to empathize with others and try to understand their feelings. These kinds of activities will be displayed in both mother tongue and in English, so another aim of our Project will be reached automatically.

*At the end of the Project, we will reward the 'Best Peers' and give a 'thank-you' certificate for those students' parents in order to praise their efforts while solving their problems, which will be a good

example for the other parents and students to raise the number of well-behaved students.

*All methodologies, originally created tests & questionnaires, digital and printed Works of our Project will be used as Open Educational Resources ; so our Project will be disseminated and sustained

more as the people make use of it.

*Throughout the Project, there will be studies revealing the children's Art & Craft, Musical and Sports abilities and these Works of arts will be displayed both inside & outside the school. As they will be their own products, they will be proud of themselves and gain self-confidence.

*We will expand awareness by the help of the informative seminars and workshops done for the

students, teachers and the parents. While doing these, we'll be in touch with NGOs & etc. So we will

have a contribution to create a more mindful society and World


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